Ever-changing landscape keeps Brenton on his toes


Brenton Crosby - Senior Systems Engineer

Brenton Crosby is a jack of all trades at CMTG.

From team leader and mentor, to managing engineering requirements for client projects, serving as a client services manager, assistant administrator and subject matter expert, it’s safe to say Brenton’s workdays are busy and varied.  Always knowing he wanted to work with computers, Brenton worked at a small internet service provider, which served as a great kick-start to his career in the IT sector. Developing his skillset and expertise over the past 23 years, Brenton is now a key member of Perth-based CMTG, which is family owned with growing  a national footprint.

Brenton says the industry has changed considerably over the past two decades and he feels like he has been part of a considerable evolution. He points to internet speeds as a major advance compared to old dial-up services when connections were funnelled through landlines, a modem and a desktop computer - with a monitor that was as deep as it was wide.

With responsibilities that include managing high level accounts and progressing strategic projects at CMTG, Brenton says the world of IT is constantly moving, with a never-ending cycle of software and hardware upgrades and plenty of change management to ensure clients can realise the benefits of their investments.

“Generally speaking, IT is unloved and there’s an expectation that technology always works, so I thrive off getting good feedback from my clients,” Brenton says.

CMTG maintains an award-winning IBM private cloud and purpose-built data centre, allowing customers to have dedicated, high-speed communications and peace of mind that their data is contained in secure locations and always remains in Australia.

“Our data centre is our jewel in the crown, and we focus on the value and solutions we can deliver that set us apart,” Brenton says. He adds that CMTG’s people and their focus on providing that “peace of mind” to customers is a key reason he loves coming to work every day.

“Everyone just wants better outcomes for their customers, and we all work towards a common goal,” he says. “CMTG is also big on giving back to the community, that’s why I am willing to give my time to further develop the business.”

When asked about his predictions for future trends in IT, Brenton points to a continued push over the next five years to everything becoming cloud based.

“Cloud doesn’t just mean Office 365,” Brenton says. “It includes hosting resources in a data centre like the one provided by CMTG, meaning an organisation’s content is managed with the latest security and identity solutions to keep customers protected.”

On a more personal level, Brenton says the company’s support and willingness to embrace the everchanging landscape keeps him interested, engaged and looking forward to whatever comes next for CMTG.


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