.AU Domain Available

.AU Domain Names now available

A shorter simpler domain name is now available for existing domains. This means the domain will end in .au rather than .com.au, .net.au, or .org.au.  Australian Businesses have until 20 September to purchase their .au equivalent domain name, then it becomes available to the general public.

Cyber threat

 This new category of domain name allows users to register shorter, more memorable online names, however it also creates another avenue for cybercriminals to impersonate your business. Once .au domains are made available to every-one, a cyber criminal could register your .au domain name. To protect yourself, we recommend that you register your existing domain .au equivalent before your domain becomes available to the general public.

For example, if you have currently registered yourbusiness.com.au, a cybercriminal could register yourbusiness.au or yourbusinesscom.au and use these domains to conduct fraudulent cyber activities.

How to protect yourself

To help protect your business from opportunistic cybercriminals, we recommend that all Australian businesses with existing domain names purchase their .au equivalents before 20 September 2022. If a business does not reserve their .au equivalent direct domain name during this six-month period, that name will become available to the public on a first come, first served basis.

Want to start using your .AU Domain?

You could use your new domain name for a number of activities:

1) Use the new domain in advertising but simply forward clients to your existing site.

2) Use the new domain to host your web site

3) Use the new domain for your email. i.e. receive email from both you@yourbusiness.com.au and you@yourbusiness.au.

4) Use the new domain for your cloud services.

Contact us and a consultant in our team will help explain the process depending on what you want to a achieve. 

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