Buying hardware – why wait?

Business consumers in Australia have been faced with long order waits and delivery time blowouts when it comes to IT hardware purchases. Since COVID-19 took grip, supply chains in the IT world have been under pressure for a number of reasons. Many manufacturers reduced production volumes due to workforce impacts, while the transition to work-from-home arrangements also saw demand spike. Thankfully, CMTG remains one of the few Managed Service Providers in our class to have credible hardware stock volumes, giving clients and customers access to the equipment they need on demand.

While it’s easy to look at alternative suppliers in the retail market, there’s several reasons you should look to invest in hardware direct from us:

  • We have a steady pipeline of supply to ensure orders can be met.
  • We know what equipment will work on your network/infrastructure.
  • Equipment we stock is made for business use – we won’t provide small office or home office equipment to a business that needs serious IT horsepower.
  • Buying all equipment from a single supplier simplifies warranties and returns processes – in contrast buy from a retailer and pick up faulty gear, the returns process can be painful.
  • Our kit meets the highest industry CPU specs and to ensure your IT performance is maximised.
  • We can deliver same or next day.

Ultimately, when you buy IT hardware direct from us you are guaranteed quality equipment geared up for high business performance. Equipment comes configured and ready to use, secured for your network, with the applications and data your business and staff need. It’s time saving, efficient and best of all, if something happens to go wrong we are there to make sure it’s corrected.

For hardware enquiries please contact us on 1300 00 26 84 or

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