CMTG provides IT infrastructure solution for Dynapumps

CMTG recently secured a contract with service and pump provider Dynapumps as they looked to continue expanding their international presence.

CMTG was able to deliver an end-to-end solution for the Australian engineering company by combining CMTG’s enterprise grade multi-homed private cloud and cutting-edge Citrix technology.

Ten technical experts from CMTG worked on the project to deploy Dynapump’s new IT infrastructure on their private cloud, which removed the need to wait for infrastructure to arrive from overseas.

Two of the main unique components required for the project included a private connection from Dynapumps head office to CMTG’s private cloud as well as plugging the engineering desktops into the data centre to ensure flexibility, local and secure access to their corporate data.

CMTG Technical Sales Manager Nick Hughes said CMTG’s national presence meant staff were able to visit Dynapumps’ offices in New South Wales and Victoria to support the clients’ needs without needing to engage third party providers.

“I was heavily involved with the architecture design and assisted the technical team during the implementation to ensure the desired outcomes were achieved for the client,” Mr Hughes said.

“Having our own staff visiting the sites ensured we had complete visibility of the project and an on-hand team Dynapumps could rely on which provided peace of mind for the client.

“Through this project CMTG was able to support Dynapumps with a platform with built-in resiliency to minimise information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure footprint at all office locations.

“The solutions used in this project provide a scalable and agile solution that can be adjusted based on the requirements of different businesses.”

CMTG looks forward to servicing other businesses and companies in the engineering industry by providing peace of mind with its managed services and private cloud.

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