CMTG women on international womens day

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, we asked our CMTG women from all areas of the company a few important questions. Thank you to the following ladies for making us feel empowered by sharing some words of wisdom and inspiration! Read on for their insightful responses…

  • Accounts Cindy Futia
  • HR Manager Joelene Peel
  • Business Services Manager Raelene Berry
  • Inside Sales Debbie Wedgewood
  • Performance and Projects Manager Michelle Ralph
  • Systems Engineer Jahee Park
  • Service Co-ordinator Kayla Wright

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

Cindy: It’s a day to highlight just how incredible women are, not only in the workplace, but in the world. By highlighting the achievements of women in power, it inspires the younger generation of women to strive for their dreams and know that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Joelene: It’s an opportunity for us to join other voices around the world to highlight the role we play in society and to celebrate how far women have come towards equality.  It is also a day to remember those who fought for our rights for equal employment opportunities, equal pay, and political achievements. 

Raelene: It’s a celebration of the fantastic work that all women do, and the hard work that previous generations of women did to stand up for women’s rights in the workplace.  It means standing together to say well done you are amazing regardless of if working or running a home and not working.  

Debbie: It is a reminder of how far woman have come in the work force. I wouldn’t say we are completely equal to men, but we are progressing and slowly getting there.

Michelle: A time to celebrate women and our achievements and how far we have come as a society. It is also a time to recognise past women and what they have done as well as the sacrifices and extra work they have done to begin to change the perceptions of society and views of women in their ability and competence in the workplace.

Jahee: It gives me a chance to remind myself to feel empowered as a woman. As someone who grew up hearing what a girl should or shouldn't be, I sometimes considered myself out of line. But I have learned being independent and making my own decisions is the right way to be. I truly believe there’s no limits when it comes to what women can do and what I can do.

Kayla: I personally feel as though it’s a day for women to reflect on our fight to be accepted equally by society. It’s a special day, where women all around the world can unite, honouring and celebrating our rights. A day to remind ourselves we shouldn’t have to prove our worth and capabilities. 

What inspires you to work in a male-dominated industry? 

Cindy: I didn’t choose, nor was I inspired to work in a male-dominated industry, it just happened that way. But I applaud women who are inspired to work in a male-dominated industry as they believe in themselves and have the courage and conviction to prove that they are just as good as their male colleagues.

Joelene: I’ve worked in male dominated industries for most of my working career. You learn to toughen up quickly and find your voice which is quite empowering.  In certain sectors, I have managed to provide a women’s perspective and encouraged change.  Feeling valued, appreciated, and contributing to change is extremely rewarding.

Raelene: I’m not inspired to work in a male dominated industry, it’s the company or people I work with that inspires me to work. Trust plays a huge factor and without that it doesn’t matter if you work in a male or female dominated industry. Sometimes you need to work harder to change perception and gain trust and respect.   

Debbie: I wasn’t inspired to work in a male-dominated industry. My chosen path was admin, and it just so happened my job is in a male dominated industry. My experiences are mostly positive however at times I feel certain general tasks/jobs are left to the women to “deal” with – like washing dishes, tidying the kitchen etc.

Michelle: I never sought to work in a male dominated industry, rather an environment where I am challenged and am out of my comfort zone learning new concepts. An industry where I can show my abilities and skills and achieve personal growth.

Jahee: I simply liked to study and work in IT, and I wasn’t scared to do it. I don't think anybody should be afraid of IT industry because it's a male-dominant industry. As women, we can apply some of our strengths to work such as empathy and great communication skills.

Kayla: Working in a male-dominated industry proves that women are capable to work alongside men. At times your voice and opinions may be doubted, stay persistent. At the end of the day having diverse opinions can result in successful outcomes. Teamwork is vital in any workplace.

Share any advice you’d pass on to younger women looking to enter the tech industry. 

Cindy: If the career you are wanting to do happens to be in a male dominated industry, then go for it and be proud of yourself, believe in yourself and don’t let anyone define you as inadequate because you are a woman.

Joelene: If you feel uncomfortable with a situation, speak up and voice your opinion. Back yourself, you have been placed in your role because you have the skills. Learn how to handle conflict and confronting situations. Above all, be true to yourself, you are the most important person in your life. 

Raelene: Learn as much as you can – even if it’s just the jargon so you can understand part of what is happening. Show respect and be strong – believe in yourself and show that you can’t be intimidated and you’re not a push over.

Debbie: If it’s an industry you are passionate about then go for it. Trust in your abilities and know you are as good and as capable as the guy sitting next to you.

Michelle: Often it’s seen that if you are a woman in a male dominated workplace you need to “become one of the boys” and put down/step on other women to promote yourself. You don’t have to impress anyone and don’t be intimidated. Be you. Help and support other women, learn from, and guide each other, know your worth and ask questions.

Jahee: I still am very new to the IT industry but what I have learnt so far is not to be afraid. Ask for help when you need and be willing to learn because there is always something to learn in the IT industry. There are lots of opportunities for women since a lot of IT companies try to hire more female staff to make the industry more gender balanced so I hope women grab this opportunity and make it theirs.

Kayla: Don’t be intimidated, there are other females in the industry you can reach out to. Be professional and be yourself, always stand by what you believe in. Pursue work that lights you up, everything else will follow.

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