Flying the East Coast flag for CMTG

There are many reasons why people love their job.

For CMTG’s East Coast team leader Rajay Hanuman, it’s being able to give his clients peace-of-mind with their IT services and infrastructure.

While it’s challenging to be stationed in Melbourne with the Company’s headquarters in Perth, Raj said having a greater national footprint allowed CMTG to expand its service offering and help more Australian businesses in need of better IT tools and support.

“In my team, we have Andrew in Sydney and Ashley also here in Melbourne. Our presence enables us to support any local or national businesses,” Raj said.

“Having team members in WA and over here in the East is a huge benefit for CMTG clients as there’s greater shift coverages meaning customers can get help early in the morning or later at night which is very valuable.”

Raj has also found clients value having a physical presence with their partnered IT company, so he makes an effort to meet with clients whenever possible, depending on restrictions.

“Working in IT can sometimes be all behind-the-scenes and remote but not many people think about how much their operations rely on functional IT services – it’s so important to partner with a company you can have a great relationship with,” he said.

Starting off his CMTG journey as a tech support engineer in Perth, Raj worked his way up to a senior engineer then pitched his move to Melbourne as a way for CMTG to grow nationally.

“I saw a lot of potential for CMTG to tap into the East Coast market where general businesses and tech-related companies are aplenty,” Raj said.

“The pandemic came along about six months after I made the move and it’s definitely been tough for all of us, but fortunately, we’ve been able to support many businesses move to working from home structures and help them through hardship.

“COVID hit the East Coast hard - we’ve had to manage working from home for almost 2.5 years which can be really isolating. I’m lucky to work for CMTG where we have such a great culture. Our East Coast team always feel involved although we are in other States.”

Raj’s love for technology began at an early age, and although he obtained a university degree in accounting, he completed several IT certifications and found his way back to the tech space.

“When I was younger, I loved ripping apart computers and rebuilding them. I still do that now and that interest has grown into having a smart house with a home automation system – I’ll verbally say I’m leaving the house and the system automatically turns everything off and I leave with no worries,” he said.

“The way technology evolves always excites me and I enjoy being at the forefront of the industry and creating opportunities to grow our portfolio and my experience.”

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