Helping to lead the charge: Mia Filpo

CMTG Director Mia Filpo’s journey through the IT space over the past almost 30 years has been filled with plenty of challenges and wins, as she grew from an office administrator in 1994 to now a Director at a leading company she helped build.

“I remember my first day at my first IT job at the young age of 19, I walked through the service department and immediately thought: this is where I want to be,” Mia said.

“Since then, I’ve been exposed to many different facets of the industry, I was a junior tech and a systems engineer, then along the way we decided to work on our business during the weekends.

“I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and I’ve definitely had to continuously prove my worth being a female in a male-dominated industry – but I’ve enjoyed challenging the stereotype.”

Breaking barriers in the male-dominated IT space since she was 19, Mia admits she has had to jump through many hoops and continues to fight harder to always be at the top of her game.

“Throughout my career, people are always sceptical when they see me walk into a meeting, but although it can be intimidating, I’ve definitely learned how to be more confident and lean into my femininity,” she said.

“One of the biggest shortfalls of people in tech is communication and being able to truly understand the client and their pain points, which is something I’ve found women are really good at. We can empathise and are brilliant at discovering the core problem rather than focusing entirely on the high-level talk.”

The brainchild of both Mia and Carl Filpo, CMTG was born out of the duo’s desire to create an industry-leading company at the forefront of technology that also provided learning opportunities for its staff.

“Both Carl and I have a genuine passion for technology – it’s exciting to be a part of an ever-evolving industry where we can offer new tech to help improve business operations. There’s a real sense of satisfaction that comes from being able to solve clients’ problems,” Mia said.

“By building a local reputable IT company in Perth, we’ve been able to bridge the gap between businesses and their relationship with their IT partners. When clients choose to partner with CMTG,

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