Make the switch to CMTG’s data centre

Many professions, such as engineers and surveyors, rely on big data and large graphics processing to rollout a project or task.

But what happens when they work remotely, and these applications are processed on a hard device?

CMTG Director Carl Filpo said many industries continue to face these issues as a result of the pandemic and subsequent working-from-home arrangements.

“The first problem is trying to access these files on unreliable home Internet connections,” Carl said.

“The second problem is the computer processing power at home not being powerful enough to meet necessary tasks.”

High Performance Computing (HPC) hardware can cost upwards of $10,000, Carl said lugging these machines between work and home was also not an effective option.

“Companies and employees alike are understandably anxious to cart around very large expensive hardware, so that’s why many choose to implement and utilise a streamlined solution with our data centre,” he said.

The selling point? CMTG can deliver high end graphics and big data out of its industry leading data centre across any network using a secure private cloud stored locally in Perth.

“Traditionally, companies would buy a physical graphics machine per engineer to access individual data and applications which notoriously takes time to complete tasks. Now, companies have the data centre at their fingertips which is faster, more reliable and cost saving.”

“Batching jobs to graphics machines might have taken three days to complete, may only take hours through our private cloud,” Carl explains.

“The private cloud is load balanced meaning one person at any particular time can leverage the power of multiple machines, not just their own.”

Additionally, Carl said the advantages of shifting to a private cloud avoided the need to jump in a queue to purchase and receive physical hardware.

“As we all know, there are a whole raft of shortages across many industries in today’s world and the technology sector is also largely affected. Using our data centre means you get to cut through wait times and work more efficiently – a big company and employee win,” he said.

The world class enterprise-grade data centre is constantly managed and scaled up instantly with IT experts with two full time people on-site.

CMTG offers high performance data storage and application hosting, private cloud systems and ongoing support to give you peace of mind.

“We see great value in our data centre. CMTG knows the industry’s needs and we look forward to working together to develop specific solutions for our customers,” Carl said.

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