Not all heroes wear lab coats or are men

When it comes to providing IT troubleshooting services, most clients expect a man to answer the call or respond to an e-mail support ticket. 

But for CMTG’s clients, this isn’t always the case

CMTG’s commitment to empower women into the male-dominated IT industry pushes them to employ and support a female workforce, much like Senior Systems Engineer Ashlea Gagnon. 

Based in Melbourne, Ashlea is well-known for her good measure of patience, keen interest in problem-solving, and strong ability to communicate well and empathise with clients. 

“As a Senior Systems Engineer, I enjoy getting to work with interesting technologies and solve interesting problems, it’s always rewarding to know I’ve really helped someone out of a bind,” Ashlea said.

“It’s also very important to be understanding in the IT sector and be able to put yourself in clients’ shoes to focus on what they need.”

While her day-to-day responsibilities include attending to support tickets and solving problems, Ashlea also gets her hands dirty with occasional projects.

“These include building server environments in our hosting infrastructure, changing firewalls or onboarding new customers which is always interesting,” she said. 

Kick starting her IT career as a young 18-year-old back in 2010 while studying, Ashlea worked her way up the ranks across various network and infrastructure projects and eventually filled leadership roles.

In 2021, Ashlea decided to join the CMTG ranks and has since been able to diversify her learning from the high level of expertise established within the team.

“CMTG has so many skilled engineers across a variety of technology specialisation areas, so I always have opportunities to learn and gain insights,” she said.

“Upskilling is also encouraged and supported which not only benefits our professional growth but also our clients’ as it enables us to provide more informative comprehensive solutions.”

For younger women or girls looking to break barriers and work in the tech space, Ashlea said it was important to not rely on online channels for a representation of what working in IT is like. 

“At the end of the day, IT is a customer service industry. Any woman can thrive in this space if they have the right mindset, complete varied studies, and is passionate about evolving technology,” she said. 

While her background and key area of professional interest lies in networking, Ashlea keeps herself busy outside of work playing ice hockey and piano, and spending time with her birds. 

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