Putting out fires voluntarily and professionally: Geoff Enkel

In the ICT space and out in the world, firefighting is a great passion of CMTG’s Senior Systems Engineer and Client Services Manager Geoff Enkel.

Starting his professional career in July 1979 with the WA Treasury working on computer mainframes, Geoff’s work experience extends from working with Y2K testing prior to the beginning of the new millennium, adapting to Windows and virtual systems, and witnessing the introduction of private clouds.

In 2015, Geoff joined the CMTG team as a Senior Engineer and has since proudly worked his way up the chain to leading teams and managing client support.

“Being a team leader is rewarding – I get to pass on my life experiences and all the knowledge I’ve gained along my 43-year career. I’ve been very fortunate to have had fantastic mentors as well as bright young people looking to learn from me,” Geoff said.

“Moulding younger generations for a long-term positive future in ICT is my top priority, and it’s great being able to pay forward what I learned from my mentors and those who came before me.”

Alongside his extensive career, Geoff has been serving the community as a volunteer for 40 years – first at his kids’ school as a Board Member and sports volunteer, then at the Kalamunda Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade (KVBFB).

“My father taught me to give back more than you are given and more so to the community. Getting up at 2am or driving to the station after work and doing a 10-hour shift on the fire ground is my way of helping our community,” Geoff said.

“Events like National Volunteer Week are important in celebrating those who selflessly give their time for others. All volunteers are worthy of recognition – from the mum who gives a few hours at the school tuck shop, to ambulance officers who sit long hours at fires to provide aid when needed.”

As a Senior Fire Fighter, Geoff assists with training, running Hazard Reduction burns and leading crews on fire calls.

“I’ve gained integral life skills, gone to some amazing places around Australia and met some very inspiring people. Every time I roll up to a house, property, and farm, it’s always heart-warming to see the community coming together to help each other out,” Geoff said.

“I’m also very lucky to have a supportive workplace. CMTG team members have always encouraged my volunteer work and understand how important serving the community is.”

Drawing similarities between ICT and firefighting, Geoff added skills learned on both ends have helped immensely across his volunteer and professional roles.

“There is a saying in ICT called ‘Firefighting’ – it’s when an issue starts and escalates, and it’s all hands-on deck to get the system back up and running. It’s the same with bush firefighting,” he said.

“My communication and planning skills as an ICT Manager and Engineer have improved significantly as a result of my volunteer firefighting, and similarly, my firefighting has benefited from my knowledge around technology and systems.”

For anyone looking to take up volunteering, Geoff had four main points of advice to share:

1. Ensure you have the time and can commit. Don’t go about it half-heartedly.

2. Choose to volunteer at an organisation you’re passionate about.

3. You don’t need to know it all or have all the skills before starting. There are skilled people who will train you.

4. Finally, when volunteering, take your ego out of your pocket and simply work collegiately with others and enjoy what you do.

To learn more about volunteering and discover opportunities, visit Volunteering WA here.


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