Is your business ready for the new generation Windows upgrade?

Many businesses and users lament upgrades to operating systems, which take getting used to and at times can be frustrating due to interface and feature changes. The October release of Windows 11 may come as a surprise to some, given Microsoft publicly declared there would be no more operating system number versions after 2015. But Windows 11 touched down in October and Microsoft is pushing out automatic updates to compatible machines. 

However, there are a number of barriers that may prevent customers from upgrading. 

CMTG is currently testing to ensure operating system compatibility for customers and at this stage advises against accepting the auto-update until testing is compete. 

Our advice to customers being prompted to auto-update:

  • Contact CMTG direct so we can conduct an audit of existing hardware to confirm eligibility for Windows 11. 
  • If your hardware is compatible, we can facilitate the update.
  • If your hardware is incompatible, we can assist equipment upgrades in keeping with requirements. 

Operating system users with hardware older than four years may not be able to transition to Windows 11 without the most up to date Central Processing Unit (CPU) capability.

Get in touch with CMTG's support team on 1300 00 26 84 or for assistance or if you are a client jump on to our Customer Portal. 

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