CMTG Leadership

100% committed to delivering peace of mind for our clients through secure system performance

Carl Filpo, Managing Director and Advisory Board Member

Carl holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Curtin University and remains up to date with IT infrastructure product developments. Carl’s role is very hands on and he keeps close relationships with our key client accounts and primary vendors including Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, Veritas, VMware, Fortinet, Vocus and TPG. He also takes pride in continually looking at ways to develop our strong staff and leadership team.

Carl Filpo

Mia Filpo, Director - Director of Operations and Advisory Board Member

Mia is an IBM certified hardware technician and holds degrees in business from Curtin University. She is currently studying an MBA and stays in touch with the latest trends and strategies in IT infrastructure. Mia is responsible for ensuring that we maintain a solid operating structure with a focus on efficiency, productivity, compliance and risk management.

Mia Filpo

Lui Giuliani, Advisory Board Member

Lui has over 30 years business experience through both his professional chartered accounting role at Ernst and Young (EY), and his membership on various boards of Western Australian companies. Following his 20-year tenure at EY, of which several were as partner, Lui held advisory positons with large corporations such as Wesfarmers Ltd Group, Foodland Associated Ltd, RAC of WA, and Home Building Society. Lui currently holds director and board advisory roles with Georgiou Construction Group, CMTG and Football West. He is Chairman of Austral Fisheries.

Lui Giuliani

Anthony Benino, Advisory Board Member

Anthony has over 25 years professional advisory and corporate finance experience. Anthony commenced his career in chartered accounting having worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in both Perth and London specialising in audit, risk management and advisory consulting as a senior manager. Anthony has successfully performed the role of Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary and Executive Officer for a number of ASX listed and private companies. Anthony is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Governance Institute of Australia.

Antony Benino

Michael Ricaud, Technical Services Manager

Michael is trained and certified in all of our mainstream products and is responsible for our technical service division. Michael has over 20 years IT experience and has been with us for over 12 years.

Mike Ricaud

Neil Morris, Hosted Services Manager

Neil is trained and certified in all of our mainstream products and is responsible for our hosted services division, including the hosting platform infrastructure and network, as well as the datacentres themselves. Neil has been with us for over 10 years and has 20+ years of IT experience.

Neil Morris

Scott Rose, Technical Manager

Scott is trained and certified in all of our mainstream products and champion’s assessment and proof of concept development for new products. Scott is a technical mentor and provides in-house technical training for the service team.

Scott Rose

Raelene Berry, Business Services Manager

Raelene is responsible for our Accounts, Human Resources and Legal team. She has over 20 years’ experience across Government and private industries, in Human Resources, recruitment, customer services and compliance. Raelene has been with CMTG for over 3 years supporting the management team and employees.

Raelene Berry