Zero Trust Network Access “ZTNA”

A modern IT security solution
Traditional network security models assume that once a user is inside your network, they can be trusted to access all resources, but this can leave you vulnerable to insider threats and cyber-attacks.

The Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) model verifies every user before granting access to resources, regardless of their location and has become imperative for organisations with the rise of remote workforces.

The ZTNA solution focuses on a Zero Trust module meaning all services access via the endpoint are denied unless being specifically granted at a granular level providing a much higher level of production to mitigate lateral movement across networks. Customers would go for this solution when wanting their staff to work aboard whilst having complete control over systems which are not externally facing.

We keep businesses data safe and secure through safety measures like multi-factor authentication, device posture checks and real-time risk assessments.

Improved security
Increased visibility
Granular control
Transparent user experience
Robust data loss prevention
Advanced threat protection

Client testimonials

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“CMTG has been an essential partner for our complex business, making the transition from a managed service arrangement into a hosted data centre simple and seamless.”
Iain Torrance Chief Operating Officer – Dynapumps
“CMTG became a one-stop-shop and provided complete visibility throughout the duration of the project. The performance of the local data centre is also the best I have personally experienced.”
Damian Liberatore Nicheliving Group General Manager

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