Why Citrix DaaS?

Supporting the hybrid workforce can be complicated-Citrix DaaS makes it simple.

Deliver a high-performing workspace experience to thousands of users in minutes.

Without compromising security or driving up costs.

As an industry leader in desktop as a service (DaaS) and VDI, Citrix has helped thousands of IT teams solve modern workforce challenges.

Only Citrix:

• Maximizes datacenter investments with hybrid DaaS

• Offers a complete solution for protecting data

• Lets you leverage your cloud provider of choice

• Delivers high definition 3D, CAD, and other graphics

• Provides targeted optimizations for voice, video, and unified communications

Case Studies

5 reasons your IT team needs Citrix DaaS

You want to simplify management.

If routine infrastructure activities are taking up too much time, Citrix DaaS can help. Quickly deliver workloads from any public cloud or datacenter while creating a reliable workspace experience for your users. Then manage it all from one central console-no advanced IT skills necessary. There's no need to set up servers, manage patches, or install updates. Just deploy and go.

Your user base is expanding.

When it comes to contractors, contingent workers, and newly acquired employees, rapid onboarding can be a big challenge. Citrix DaaS lets you support thousands of new users in minutes-and ensures a high-quality workspace experience on any device and network. Even graphics-intensive engineering and healthcare apps perform in high definition thanks to specialized HDX technology.

You need to increase agility.

Migrating to the cloud can be a big endeavor. That's why Citrix DaaS is designed to scale with you-so you can make the most of existing datacenter investments alongside public cloud workloads. You can offload management and maintenance, embrace the flexibility of the cloud, and ultimately spend more time on high-value business priorities.

You need to keep budgets in check.

Whether you need to make the most of your existing infrastructure or offload costs by moving to the cloud, Citrix DaaS is an ideal solution. You can easily continue with on-premises workloads while leveraging any Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud credits. And if you need to maximize user density, Citrix DaaS lets you do that too-with plenty of options to cut costs by optimizing cloud spending across multiple platforms.

You're worried about security.

As the hybrid workforce grows, so do the risks. Only Citrix DaaS offers a complete solution for protecting against unauthorized access and insider threats. Prevent data loss with built-in technologies like session recording and watermarking. Or lock down access based on device posture, location, and other risk factors. Sophisticated policy controls ensure data stays secure across users, devices, and network connections.