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Artificial Intelligence has transformed the way we think about and do business. With this tool at your disposal, you can help your organisation be more productive, innovative and efficient. However, you can’t truly harness these benefits without proper security measures in place. It’s no longer enough for leaders to hope that your business won’t be targeted. That’s why we are offering a solution that helps you enjoy AI’s advantages without the worry of cyber attacks.

As a small business leader, it’s no longer enough to hope that potential threats pass you by. That’s why we have a solution to help you enjoy the benefits of AI in business without the risk of cyber attacks.

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What can a Cyber Security Assessment provide?

At CMTG, we want to help you protect your business from threats and disruption. When you complete your complimentary Cyber Security Assessment, we can determine your current security status and develop a road map to bolster your defence.

With a Cyber Security Assessment, we can provide information on how to:

• Prepare your IT environment for AI.
• Secure your critical data.
• Enhance your password security and permissions.
• Prevent costly and invasive cyber-attacks.
• Better defend your business data, information and devices.
• Protect your customers information.
• Develop your cyber security policy.
• Set up an emergency management plan.
• And more


What’s included in a Cyber Security Assessment?

• Multi-factor authentication (MFA) status.
• Password expiration check.
• Password lifespan information.
• Public website data breach assessment.
• Identification of inactive accounts.
• Administrative account information.
• Microsoft 365 account permissions.
• Login attempt location data.

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The benefits of your assessment

Once your cyber security is sorted, your business is free to:

• Spend more time on growth and innovation.
• Cultivate a more productive and flexible business.
• Work securely from more places and more devices.
• Uncover new ways to create value for your customers.
• Leverage AI tools like Microsoft 356 Copilot with confidence.


So what’s next?

Once you’ve completed and submitted your Cyber Security Health Check, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing the status of your cyber security. The report features handy visuals and easy-to-consume information to help you confidently make informed decisions about your cyber security and ability to harness AI.

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