CMTG strengthens cyber security solutions

Leading Perth-headquartered IT support and service company CMTG has bolstered its storage
security solutions by installing state-of-the-art technology to defend against cyber-attacks.

Delivered by IBM, the new storage infrastructure will provide Enterprise Level security and resilience
for CMTG’s clients, including data back-ups that cannot be overwritten, altered or deleted.

The boost to CMTG’s storage offerings is one of a range of recent tech upgrades, designed to provide
Australians with peace-of-mind when it comes to their cyber security.

CMTG Director Carl Filpo said with the rise in cyber threats facing businesses, organisations and
individuals around the world, it is vital to have market-leading technologies providing protection.

“It has never been more important to have the best tech hardware in the business securing your
data and keeping your information private,” Carl said.

“This is why CMTG prioritised introducing stronger and safer storage solutions for our clients, so
they can be assured that their data and information is secure.”

Regular training updates and certifications have been provided to all staff through formal courses,
which Carl said reinforced internal training from CMTG’s in-house experts.

“Our workforce is highly skilled across multiple technologies, and as these technologies advance, it’s
imperative to maintain our staff’s knowledge and expertise,” Carl says.

“We continuously engage with leading providers and vendors to make sure our team receives indepth training and education on all new systems, so they can give our clients peace-of-mind.”

CMTG has also recently expanded its presence in Melbourne with the opening of new offices,
designed to provide staff a fresh space while also encouraging better collaboration with local clients.

“We have had a consistent presence in Victoria for the past 15 years, but it was time to boost our
service provisions and a fresh office was the perfect next step,” Carl said.

“Our people are our priority, so we wanted to make sure the new Southbank precinct provided a
safe and healthy workplace as more staff are opt to move back into office-based work environments.

“The office will also encourage greater collaboration and outreach into our local client base as well
as provide a welcoming space for new clients.”

CMTG plans to expand its leading private cloud presence into the East Coast market, as well as backup and disaster-recovery solutions, ensuring local clients have local, hands-on service.

“As the world becomes more cyber-aware and relies more on digital tools, having a local, dedicated
IT partner is paramount for peace-of-mind,” Carl says.

“We look forward to supplying more Australians with the IT solutions and trusted service that comes
with a team of more than 25 years of experience.”

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