Reach new heights with AI for business

Reach new heights with AI for business

We are in the golden age of technology, with revolutionary tools and innovations emerging all the time that can redefine how we do things. This extends to the world of business, and Artificial Technology (AI) is playing a pivotal role in this new landscape. Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, Satay Nadella, emphasises how this new technology could reshape how we interact with computing and allow us to harness a new era of productivity growth. 

There is a large influx of small and medium-sized businesses using AI to securely drive their organisations forward. Envision how an AI-driven assistant could function when seamlessly integrated into your digital infrastructure. It could analyse information, anticipate needs, optimise team efficiency and foster innovation, all while promoting better collaboration between your remote and in-office workers. These opportunities could all be within your reach when you embrace AI and boost your business security. 

How the future of AI in business can unlock your potential 

A recent Small Business Now report found that 91% of SMBs have experienced heightened success since deploying AI. Here’s how. 

Improve your productivity  

Time is money when it comes to business. That means that the more productive you are the more profitable you can be. By automating tasks, reducing manual errors and freeing up your team to concentrate on the bigger picture, AI can help you save time and costs.  

Whether it be bookkeeping, meeting preparation, or anything in between, AI for business can optimise important processes so you can turn your attention to growth. AI can even remove the stress of cyber security, detecting and automatically responding to cyber threats to keep your important assets protected. 

Optimise your skills 

The many functions and tools of applications like Word and Excel are often overwhelming and underused. With AI tools for small business and beyond, you can understand these better and harness them effectively to benefit the functions of your organisation. 

These tools can also alleviate the pressures of tight turnarounds with creative suggestions and draft generation while initiating projects securely. 

Enhance communication

In today’s saturated market, quality customer service is critical. With AI for business, you can securely personalise experiences assisted by data-driven insights that tailor communication strategies. 

AI can securely handle and assess your data to recommend the best way to appeal to customers, allowing you to foster greater loyalty via timely and targeted messages. 

Generate greater productivity 

According to the study commissioned by Microsoft from the International Data Corporation (IDC), organisations investing in AI are seeing returns within 14 months, allowing them to invest the costs saved into other technologies that foster further growth. 

AI investments can also assist in saving costs by facilitating more streamlined and robust cyber security measures. 

Stay at pace with the market without sacrificing security 

Without the innovation of AI, your business risks falling behind the competition. With 71% of respondents to the IDC report indicating they are using AI, a ‘new normal’ is emerging. 

By staying ahead, your business demonstrates a commitment to innovation and a readiness to scale securely as the market changes. 

Announcing M365 Copilot: AI built for business    

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI tool specifically designed to help businesses generate predictive content, provide useful answers, and complete repetitive tasks – all while focusing on your cyber security. Easily integrated into M365, M365 Copilot can help you improve your creativity, productivity, and Microsoft Office skills, particularly for those using Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise licenses.

How does it operate?  

M365 Copilot works through a combination of LLMs (Large Language Models), which are sophisticated AI algorithms. These can securely process large data volumes and user activity within calendars, emails, chats, meetings, documents and more to understand, summarise, predict and generate content. It possesses an ability to understand how people express thoughts so you can get real information from simple requests. Essentially, M365 Copilot can understand what you mean and provide the answers you require. 

Enjoy the ability to “be more creative in Word, more analytical in Excel, more expressive in PowerPoint, more productive in Outlook and more collaborative in Teams” – Microsoft.

Discover security greater than other AI models 

With M365 Copilot’s ability to keep business data secure from external threats, you have the chance to harness enterprise-level security with M365 Business Premium. M365 Copilot can protect your internal data from leakage while providing access to the right internal content. 

The tool is built upon Microsoft’s commitment to cyber security, privacy and compliance, so it automatically inherits your business security. 

So, before deploying M365 or any other AI tool, you must consider – is your cyber security ready for it? 

Discover your AI readiness  

Deploying AI is more than a matter of switching it on. Your technology infrastructure needs to be defended by robust cyber security measures so your data can stay protected. You have a chance to assess your cyber security readiness and ensure you’re ready to leverage tools like M365 Copilot. 

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