Businesses warned to ‘back up’ digital defences ahead of World Cloud Security Day

Business owners across Australia have been warned to intensify efforts to secure their cloud-based digital assets ahead of World Cloud Security Day on April 3.

According to an Australian Government report, more than 40 per cent of data breaches recorded over the space of a year were targeting cloud services, local systems or entire networks.

Managing Director of leading IT solutions company CMTG Carl Filpo says with an ever-increasing shift towards digital operations, this figure should be a warning to companies to invest in security for their digital assets.

“At CMTG, we actively defend our customers from an average 1,800 cyber security threats and attacks on a daily basis,” Carl says.

“Combined with the significant amount of data breaches targeting cloud networks, businesses and organisations across Australia must consistently review their digital defences to make sure they’re up to date.”

Cloud-based systems are vital for any business, and with more than a third of Australians working from home regularly, having a secure cloud service is more important now than ever before.

Carl says CMTG has actively risen to this challenge by delivering a private cloud service providing businesses with scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency.

“With more and more businesses embedding remote and flexible working arrangements in their workplaces, many business owners are seeking safe, cost-effective, and efficient public cloud environments,” Carl explains.

“Alternatively, organisations wanting to bolster their privacy even further can use our private cloud service that delivers a secure, dedicated environment for hosting their applications and data.

“We know rising costs are impacting all organisations, but now is not the time to reduce investment in the security of your digital assets, and ultimately, your business.”

Carl says CMTG’s partners benefit from the company’s bespoke advanced security measures, including data encryption and cyberthreat detection, providing peace of mind when it comes to cloud environments.

“As we approach World Cloud Security Day, I encourage all Australians to keep the digital defences of their cloud-based data and information front of mind,” Carl says.

“At CMTG, our team of digital defence experts is committed to providing the highest level of security and efficiency for cloud services.

“To learn more, speak to the team at CMTG who have provided IT solutions across Australia for more than 25 years.”

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