Why small businesses must prioritise cyber security

In the digital age, the vulnerability of small businesses to cyberattacks is alarmingly high. This is highlighted in a recent survey by The Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) and Cyber Wardens, which exposes significant gaps in the cyber security awareness and preparedness among small enterprises.

The survey’s findings serve as a critical wake-up call, revealing that nearly half of the small businesses surveyed perceive cyber security as a low or non-existent risk. This underestimation places them at severe risk of suffering devastating cyberattacks.

Additionally, a staggering 61 percent of these businesses do not discuss cyber security with their staff, which severely impacts their ability to respond effectively to cyber incidents.

Moreover, only 40 percent of small businesses feel somewhat confident in their ability to manage a cyber security incident, a concerning statistic given the increasing complexity of cyber threats.

The survey also found a silver lining: 86 percent of small businesses are keen to enhance their cyber security measures, signalling a growing recognition of its importance, despite current inadequacies.

Managing Director of CMTG Carl Filipo, emphasised the critical need for robust cyber security strategies.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet many remain unprotected against sophisticated cyber threats,” said Mr. Filpo.

“At CMTG, we provide simple, cost-effective solutions tailored to help small businesses fortify their defences.

“Leveraging these resources can be the difference between a secure business and a disastrous breach.

“Cyber security should be a cornerstone of business operations, not an afterthought. It’s imperative that all small business owners adopt a proactive approach to cyber security.

“By doing so, they not only protect their own assets but also contribute to the broader integrity of our digital ecosystem.”

“CMTG has been providing IT solutions across Australia for over 25 years, specializing in aiding small businesses to secure their data against cyber threats efficiently.

“Our clients have peace of mind knowing their data is protected with us. If you want to ensure your business is safeguarded, talk to our team at CMTG,” Mr. Filpo concluded.

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