Advances in AI becoming advantageous for Australians

Businesses will increase their use of artificial intelligence as more industries use AI-driven technologies to advance operations, according to leading Perth-headquartered IT support and service company CMTG.

CMTG Managing Director Mia Filpo says the vast list of benefits to incorporating artificial intelligence into workflows has resulted in a rise in its use in a range of fields including medical, mining and media.

“With constantly evolving capabilities, AI has become a useful tool for businesses as they try to improve performance, streamline processes, and provide an extra layer of support for workforces,” Mia says.

“The results speak for themselves; Australia’s national science agency CSIRO has found an automated robotic system could test 12,000 solar cells in 24 hours, compared to 20 cells tested a day by a research team1.

“The use of AI has even stretched to improving mental health outcomes in Australia, with recent research by the University of NSW discovering AI models can predict the risk of suicide or self-harm in teenagers2.

“Whether its predicting bushfire spread, creating written or visual content, or identifying new mineral deposits for miners, artificial intelligence has started transforming how humans operate.”

The Australian Federal Government has announced it will minimise risks presented by AI to both national security as well as the security of Australian businesses and individuals, by strengthening safeguard laws3.

While these measures will help mitigate potential high-risk uses of AI, Mia says it’s incumbent on Australians to also be aware of the different risks posed, particularly as the use of AI advances across many sectors.

“There is still a long way to go in the evolution of artificial intelligence, particularly around the ethical and moral uses of the information provided to AI and what these platforms can do with this data,” Mia explains.

“We are in a point in time where artificial intelligence has integrated into a multitude of industries, so it’s important to manage the consistently upgrading tech and mitigate any risks posed by its use.

“Like all new technologies, caution is needed when inputting private or sensitive information into new tech, which is why it can be helpful to speak to your local IT experts about the best approach.

“CMTG’s experienced team is dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest in AI-driven tech, so we can provide our partners with the right advice on what AI could be helpful and what AI could be harmful.”

CMTG has also recently begun providing installation and support for Microsoft Co-Pilot, which is a platform utilising AI to assist small and medium sized businesses across Australia with their day-to-day tasks.

“This AI-driven program has shown great advances already, helping businesses complete more tasks with less resources – ultimately becoming a ‘co-pilot’ for staff as they work through their daily tasks.

“If you want to know more about artificial intelligence or are interested in Microsoft Co-Pilot for  your business, talk to the team at CMTG who have provided IT solutions across Australia for more than 25 years.”

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