Rethinking Cloud Migration

The great cloud migration has undoubtedly revolutionised the IT landscape, becoming a hallmark of any business or organisation.

Over the last decade, there has been a notable transformation as cloud technology is embraced, offering companies greater opportunity for scalability and expansion of their storage solutions.

Despite what most people think, moving your IT information up to the cloud isn’t too difficult, especially when you pair with the right IT partner.

Cloud migration involves shifting applications and data from either on-premises servers to public or private cloud providers, or between different cloud environments.

The execution of a cloud migration strategy typically occurs in five primary stages: preparation, planning, migration, operation, and optimization. 

CMTG Director Carl Filpo says the demand for cloud-based solutions has increased with the rapid rise in workplaces offering remote working.

“The cloud enables easy access to data and applications from any device with an Internet connection,” Carl says.

“This is why using a cloud-based storage solution has become so popular among businesses who want to offer flexibility to their workforce.”

With the ongoing advancements in cloud storage solutions, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a “one-size-fits-all” strategy may not be the most effective approach.

Some data and information is kept on a public cloud system like Office 365, while other data is kept in a private cloud or in traditional on-premises systems.

The benefit of hybrid clouds is the flexibility, allowing organisations to strategically choose what is kept on-premises and what is migrated to the cloud.

Carl says now is the time to re-think the traditional approach and explore a hybrid cloud approach.

“In this age of hybrid cloud solutions, where public and private clouds can be integrated, the right storage architecture can accelerate your journey,” Carl says.

“However, businesses should carefully consider their unique needs and constraints when deciding which option is best for them.

“This requires organisations to take a realistic view of their entire IT landscape to understand their needs and requirements, before launching into the clouds.

“In this dynamic and rapidly evolving era, a customised solution will be the true catalyst for IT success.”

CMTG can help you learn more about cloud migration, how it can benefit your business and what is involved if you decide to transition.

Our team of experts can also help review your company’s needs and find a cloud solution that works best for you, your business, and your workforce.

Get in touch to request a free quote and find out how CMTG can help improve your IT infrastructure.

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